About Qigong Me

Qigong Me is a website dedicated to teaching Qigong, where you can find tips for health and longevity, and make an appointment to meet with Sandra for healing therapy in the form of exercise, meditation, and energy healing treatments. Sandra Kerry is a Qigong Medical Therapist working towards her doctorate in Medical Qigong. She teaches Qigong classes and also provides distant and in person healing treatments. Medical Qigong treatments are treatments in a clinical setting where Sandy will initially do an intake where important information regarding your personal situation is obtained in strict confidence in order to determine the outcome and goal for the treatment. The patient will be treated fully clothed on a massage table in a therapeutic setting to induce relaxation and obtain the deepest possible healing. The patient is then treated on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. First any negative, static energy is purged; second energy is tonified: if there is any deficiency, energy is sent to that particular area and excess energy is released; finally the energy is regulated and balanced leaving the patient feeling revitalized and whole.