Qigong Me Testimonials

I want to thank you very much for the qigong healings you have done for my friend. She has less pain in her head as a result and she has a better understanding of the nature of her illness and has more acceptance overall. Your work has exceeded my expectations – the result of the healings are more than I anticipated! Also – your pricing is excellent – professional yet excellent value! THANK YOU very much! I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need - Paula

My daughter was introduced to "Qigong" a couple of years ago and is now studying this as well as practicing it.. I have COPD and am on many different meds to help with the breathing. When I get together with my daughter Sandy, she helps me with positive energy and each time, I feel so much better. I'm so happy that she is studying this and I know that she has that nurturing way about her as well. I trust by the end of her studies, she will be able to do so much more with her practice. I am so very proud of her and what she is believing in. I am fully behind her 100% all the way and know she will be excellent at this new venture - J. Snyder

Sandra has been practicing Qigong Healings on me over the last year or so. I have directly felt the benefits and changes. She has been mostly accurate in her summaries of "problems" needed healing. Considering Sandra is still fairly new at this, I can recommend her without hesitation, and expect with experience she will become even more powerful